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One day,I was walkin' down the streets
Looking for anything,Any surprise.
Feel like a treasure game on a rainy day.
Then it happened suddenly,
I saw,I saw
And there it was fallin' down under my feet
Then,You know,It had something spiney head,
And I was gonna touch it
Then I got a pain,
My fingers painted in blood,but I feel so fine.
Nobody could find out,
but I knew,I saw.
I don't care. If nobody can love it,oh yeah
Because Ah hahahaha
I've got a feelin' in my hand
It's a lemon lemon lemoned-I scream!
One day,I was walkin' down the street
Lookin' for the music,any surprise.
Then it happened suddenly,
I hear,I hear
I don't care.
Everybody so Hate it Hate it.
Because Ah hahaha
I've got a sweet poison cake,gonna be high
Take me higher higher
I've got a sweet creature song,
It's a lemon,lemon,lemon & I scream
I've got a sweet broken hearted machine
but I like it,like it.
Oh,what a sweet monster people,
It's a lemon,lemon,lemoned I scream!

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