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Human loves & human vices
Decade of edges & decade of rich
Frozen voices & closin' heart
Ge' out here vefore I'm in bed.Dead in bed

Black sheep was running into my head.
I got a hanging over day by day.
Happy brithday to my sweet D.N.A.

流れ出す ヘドまみれの記憶が
頭のなか 蠢く
回る回る 虫どもに怯える

※Frozen mass. frozen bug.
 I have seen you eat your own.
 Frozen mass, Frozen bug.
 I wanner eat you government girl.

 Frozen mass, frozen bug.
 Who knows who I am? I don't care.
 Frozen mass, Frozen bug.
 How can I get you? I'm paralyzed.

I don't know what I wanna know
Can you kill me? Can you bite me?
My optinal brain & txtra cock
Where is my JESUS? Where am I goin'?

Wanna be a mosquito
Wanna be a mosquito
Wanna be a mosquito
Wanna be a mosquito

※ repeat

Frozen mass, Frozen bug.
Who knows who I am? I'm in trance.

Frozen mass, Frozen bug.
I'M m kinda feelin' frozen bug.

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